Our purpose is to support Starlight’s on-going commitment to environmental, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and sustainability.

Key Recurring Topics:

  1. GRESB gap analysis and promote agreed upon actions to improve performance
  2. Review carbon emissions report and recommendations for interim targets
  3. Sustainability approach by asset type and progress on achievement leading up to industry standard certifications (as applicable)
  4. Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety reporting and status of training
  5. Community engagement strategy, key partners, vendors, contractors, and report its progress
  6. Tenant and employee engagement strategy review
  7. Responsible contracting policy and approach with contractors
  8. Assess practices (as applicable) to ensure sustainability is integrated across the organization
  9. Review key upcoming trends in the industry (such as health and wellness or resilience)

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Act as the ESG champion for your respective business units
  2. Lead the reporting of the ESG metrics for your respective business units
  3. Participate in the ESG quarterly meetings to advance and support the execution of implementation actions
  4. Support the development of the Starlight ESG policy
  5. Assist in preparation of disclosures and deliverables to be distributed to investors, partners, stakeholders, etc.

ESG Committee Team Members

Glen Hirsh
Chief Operating Officer
Committee Chair
Heather Kane
VP - Asset Management
Committee Co-Chair

Scott Bigford
VP - Asset Management
Committee Co-Chair
Perry Rose
Executive Director
Procurement & Technical Services
Committee Co-Chair
Charles Chung
VP - Asset Management & Investments
Committee Co-Chair
Larry De Melo
Executive Director - Investments
Committee Member

Daniel Fletcher
Executive Director - Investments
Committee Member
Thomas Au
Director - Asset Management
Committee Member
Zain Jafry
Investments Manager
Committee Member
Yatin Patil
Senior Manager - Strategy and Operations
Committee Member
Joshua Kaufman
Head of Development and Construction
Committee Member
Lauren Kenney
Vice President
Human Capital and Communications
Committee Member