A brighter vision for

real estate investing.

We strive to develop high-performing investment opportunities that deliver more than return on investment, but also create positive impact in the communities where we operate.

We see the industry differently

Our real estate expertise empowers us to create unique and sustainable investment opportunities.

With more than 66,000 multi-residential homes and over 7 million square feet of commercial property across North America, Starlight’s global team of real estate and financial experts create investments from real insights. We invest our own capital alongside our partners’, and implement responsible governance and capital practices for investments that deliver increasing long-term value.

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Starlight’s commitment to creating a positive impact is driven by our people.

We enable our people to connect with the broader community in meaningful ways. From rallying behind inspiring charity partners to developing social enrichment programs, we are proud of our many ongoing initiatives that champion the communities where we operate.

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Explore our ESG Report.

To see our full ESG reporting and to browse all our environmental, social and governance initiatives, we invite you to click the links below.

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Empowering ingenuity through diversity.

Collectively, we form a real estate company that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our culture of opportunity empowers people to harness their individual strengths to drive our business forward.

This entrepreneurial mindset is what creates real value for our investors, partners and communities.

Accelerating sustainable change.

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Our strong focus on sustainability incorporates best practices into the ongoing development and performance of our portfolio. Creating a brighter future drives our sense of responsibility to employees, partners and communities, so we can all thrive together.

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