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We choose sustainability to make tomorrow better than today.

A brighter future for our investors cannot be achieved without building a more sustainable world for our communities. Across Canada we have implemented 4720 sustainable development projects, achieved a 7 percent carbon emissions intensity reduction since 2019 and earned green building certifications across 46% of our commercial portfolio. And that is just the beginning of the difference we are making.

400 Cumberland, Starlight

Where we place our values.

Social Impact

Enhancing resident well-being and experience by creating inclusive and complete communities.

Sustainable Operations

Improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and future-proofing our portfolio through innovative new technologies.

People & Culture

Celebrating our diverse people and cultures by creating an inclusive and supportive environment.

Transparency & Accountability

Prioritizing transparency in our governance practices and proactively mitigating risk.

Making an impact.

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34,000 ft² Green Roofs

Our sprouting green rooftops across our commercial and mid-rise residential residences provide both environmental and economic benefits.

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100 EV Charging Stations

We are contributing to low-carbon infrastructure by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout our new developments and at many of our existing residences.

Urban Farming, Starlight

Urban Farming

Planter boxes with seeds, soil and tools enable residents across our portfolio to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables they can enjoy right at home.

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ISO Certification

Data and IT infrastructure are some of the most valuable assets in our business, and keeping the data of our employees and external stakeholders secure is critical to our ongoing success.

400 Cumberland, Starlight

Helping the Bees

We have partnered with Alveole across 25 residences to support our communities’ biodiversity.

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Real-Time Energy Management

Investing in new technologies and data management software, such as smart thermostats and building automation systems to optimize performance.

Scaling Compliance

Our global presence involves doing business with third parties who are thoroughly screened before being onboarded into our ecosystem to ensure that we choose reputable businesses to work with.

Resident Insurance

Resident insurance provides significant benefits to residents and ensures they are protected against potential risk. Starlight requires resident insurance and is dedicated to educating residents on its value.

Connecting communities through culture.

Starlight, along with several community groups, partnered with local artist Kalkidan Assefa to engage a group of passionate youth from the Carling Avenue community to develop a mural that beautifully illustrates the diverse nature of the people who live there. We are proud to support and cultivate artistic expression within the communities we are a part of and to support local representation and beautification.

Explore our ESG Report.

To see our full ESG reporting and to browse all our environmental, social and governance initiatives, we invite you to click the links below.

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Inclusion fuels our innovation

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our culture and value the benefits it brings to our company.

Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer, Starlight

“We have a clear vision of what we need to do and what it takes to get there. Embedding ESG across our business is an important journey; one that requires focus, ambition and unconstrained thinking.”

—Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer

We are hitting our targets.

The best way to plan where we are going is to keep track of how far we have come. With our ESG Scorecard, we monitor our performance through the lens of key targets. In 2021, we successfully met many of our ESG goals.

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sustainability targets carbon reduction, Starlight

Carbon Emissions Reduction

Reduced carbon emissions by 11 percent across our entire portfolio (2019 baseline), outperforming our two percent annual target to achieve 10% reductions by 2025.

sustainability targets energy reduction, Starlight

Energy Reduction

Reduced energy use by 10 percent across our entire portfolio (2019 baseline), outperforming our two percent annual target to achieve 10% reductions by 2025.

Water Reduction

Reduced water use by four percent across our entire portfolio (2019 baseline), and on track to hit 10% reductions by 2025.

sustainability targets esg training, Starlight

ESG Strategy Training

Trained and engaged 100% of our employees on our ESG strategy and program.

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Resident Engagement

Engaged over 35,000 residents and commercial tenants across our portfolio in sustainable initiatives and conducted annual satisfaction surveys to drive improvement.

Zeroing in on a smaller footprint.

We strive to reduce the impact of our operations and new developments and support the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Industry partnerships.

We participate and engage with industry organizations, standards and frameworks to drive thought leadership and continual improvement across our ESG practices.

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Development that makes a difference.

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Our new purpose-built rental developments are built from the ground up to make a positive impact on the communities they reside. Our developments add critical new housing supply to many of Canada’s most housing-constrained cities and some developments include allotments of affordable units to make housing more accessible to everyone.

See Our Developments

New life for our existing stock.

We focus on improving older residences and commercial properties through our comprehensive major upgrade and fit-out programs. Whether it’s installing more efficient, safer heating and cooling equipment or creating new amenity spaces, we aim to significantly improve the quality of residences.

400 Cumberland, Starlight

Recognized results.

Our work towards increasing our sustainability has been recognized by best-in-class third-party programs across the real estate industry.

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39 BOMA Best buildings
Canada Green Building Council logo, Starlight
15 LEED certified buildings
Fitwel logo, Starlight
7 Fitwel buildings
WiredScore logo, Starlight
6 WiredScore certified buildings
Energy Star logo, Starlight
66% Energy Star scores across our portfolio