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We maintain high standards of governance, consistent with regulatory requirements and evolving best practices.

At Starlight, we have established a comprehensive governance framework that continues to evolve and adapt to the changing regulatory environment and to address our evolving fiduciary duty. This commitment to ourselves and our stakeholders ensures that we continually uphold best practices and drive our business forward.

We rely on the strong oversight, accountability and objectivity of our employees, stakeholders and communities for all our business decisions and empower our governance committees to make a positive impact.

Our Stakeholders

At Starlight, we foster alignment of interest by investing alongside our stakeholders with the goal of providing long-term, sustainable performance.

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Our Employees

Our people are empowered to make appropriate, well-informed decisions that make a positive impact on our business, partners and communities. 

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Our Communities

We focus on the wellbeing of the communities and the environments where we operate. Thousands of residents and commercial tenants have chosen our properties and we continuously work to ensure the growth and success of these communities.

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Our Partners

Third parties such as vendors, suppliers, buyers, sellers, investors, property managers and consultants are essential to our business. As such, we work with best-in-class partners that abide by our accountability framework. 

Our Governance Committees.

Our committees are comprised of dedicated and professional leaders throughout our organization, from Managers to Executives, who provide a diverse range of knowledge, experience and perspective to ensure proper governance. 

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee provides direction and oversight regarding Starlight’s investment policies and strategies and approves matters detailed in the Investment Committee Charter. The Chair of the Committee is Chris Bell, President and Chief Investment Officer.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee monitors Starlight’s internal financial controls, evaluates the financial statements of associated Institutional Entities and oversees the financial reporting process of these Entities. The Chair of the Committee is Martin Liddell, Chief Financial Officer. 

ESG Committee

The ESG Committee provides oversight and direction regarding our ESG strategy and governance, driving the implementation of policies and programs and championing ESG principles company-wide and in individual departments. The Chair of the Committee is Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer. 

Information Systems Management Committee

The Information Systems Management Committee acts as an educator and steward of Starlight’s information systems and relevant security and risk management systems. The committee develops and champions policies that apply across the company. The Chair of the Committee is Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer. 

Health & Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee promotes health and safety awareness in the workplace, fosters a safe workplace culture and provides instruction, information and training. The Chair of the Committee is Lauren Kenney, Chief People Officer.

We believe in accountability.

Our Code of Conduct ensures that we all act with impact, inclusivity, integrity and ingenuity. Our people take an active role in ensuring accountability and compliance. By investing in effective governance, ethical practices and training for our employees, we ensure that our business remains strong and resilient.