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Starlight Investments Continues to Be a Leader in the Industry with Over 200 Sustainability Certifications

Toronto, Canada — March 14, 2024 — Starlight Investments (“Starlight”) proudly announces another milestone in its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, with over 200 communities now certified through its rigorous third-party certification programs. As one of Canada’s premier rental housing providers, Starlight’s dedication to ESG integration underscores its leadership in sustainable real estate investing. By embracing ESG as a cornerstone of its business strategy, Starlight is not only driving positive environmental and social change but also fostering economic growth within the communities it serves.

At Starlight, our commitment to ESG is unwavering. We believe that sustainable real estate investing is not just a choice, but a responsibility,” says Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer at Starlight Investments. Our extensive portfolio of certified communities demonstrates our dedication to creating quality living experiences for our residents.”

Starlight’s certification program encompasses a diverse range of building standards, including the prestigious BOMA BEST Portfolio Program, LEED, Fitwel, and IREM Certified Sustainable Property. These certifications serve as tangible evidence of Starlight’s commitment to sustainability and provide a benchmark for performance assessment. 

Commenting on Starlight’s commitment to sustainability, Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer stated, Starlight’s Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (“GRESB”) score was ranked first within our Residential Non-listed peer group in 2022, and again in 2023. This achievement highlights our transparent and accountable ESG practices, setting a standard for the industry.”

A significant highlight of Starlight’s ESG initiatives is the integration of green building practices across its communities. Carbon, energy and water reduction initiatives, electric vehicle charging stations, and engaging community activities are just a few examples of the sustainable features. Moreover, Starlight prioritizes resident well-being through enhanced ventilation, air filtration systems, fitness centres, and green cleaning measures. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we are raising the bar for sustainable real estate investing,” adds Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer.

As a testament to its commitment, one-third of Starlight’s communities are enrolled in its certification program, with notable achievements including:

  • Over 180 BOMA BEST certifications, including 160 of our Canadian Residential and 22 of our Commercial properties
  • 15 LEED certifications, comprising one of our Canadian Residential and 14 of our Commercial properties
  • 15 IREM certifications, all in our U.S. Residential portfolio
  • 5 Fitwel certifications, exclusively in our Commercial portfolio
2023 3rd party certifications

To learn more about Starlight’s comprehensive ESG program and its ongoing efforts to advance sustainability in real estate, please visit https://​www​.starlight​in​vest​.com/​s​u​s​t​a​i​n​a​b​i​l​i​t​y​/​o​u​r​-​a​p​p​roach


Starlight Investments is a leading global real estate investment and asset management firm. A privately held owner, developer and asset manager of over 66,000 multi-residential suites and 7 million square feet of commercial property space, we offer a range of investment vehicles across various real estate strategies. Starlight’s guiding mission is to balance our tenure with visionary curiosity to create positive impact for investors and communities alike. At Starlight, we invest with impact. Learn more at www​.starlight​in​vest​.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Glen Hirsh

Chief Operating Officer


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Vice President, Marketing & Communications