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Peak Power to Deploy 2350kW / 4700 kWh of Energy Storage Systems with Starlight Investments to Target Rising Ontario Global Adjustment Charges

Toronto – August 9, 2018 – Peak Power Inc., a leading technology services provider for the distributed energy resources market, announced today that it has signed an agreement to install up to 2350kW / 4700kWh of energy storage systems to target Ontario peak demand charges with Starlight Investments at Bloor Islington Place located at 3300 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

To read more please visit www​.newswire​.ca/​n​e​w​s​-​r​e​l​e​a​s​e​s​/​p​e​a​k​-​p​o​w​e​r​-​t​o​-​d​e​p​l​o​y​-​2​350kw – 4700-kwh-of-energy-storage-systems-with-starlight-investments-to-target-rising-ontario-global-adjustment-charges-690452351.html

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