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Starlight Investments Releases 2020 ESG Report

Toronto – March 25, 2021 – Starlight Investments (“Starlight”) is pleased to announce the release of its 2020 Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) report.

Starlight is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and intends to continue to incorporate and augment the application of ESG principles in its interactions with industry, communities and stakeholders. Various initiatives demonstrate Starlight’s commitment to sustainability across three core attributes: Environmental Innovation, Social Impact, and Transparent Governance Policies.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our business. Starlight is proud to release our inaugural ESG report that demonstrates our commitment to be a responsible participant in the global movement towards a more sustainable future,” explained Daniel Drimmer, President & Chief Executive Officer of Starlight Investments.

The 2020 ESG report highlights:

  • Five-year ESG roadmap to strengthen and further ESG leadership and innovation
  • ESG performance tracking using key performance indicators that will guide the company towards inventive leadership in environmental stewardship
  • Environmental achievements including energy, water, and greenhouse gas emissions tracking as well as green building certification achievements
  • Project highlights showcasing environmental and social responsibility
  • Increased social and community engagement
  • Sustainable capital expenditures at existing properties
  • Clear governance policies and leadership
Since its inception almost ten years ago, Starlight has applied sustainable practices across our multi-family and commercial portfolio. Inclusion of ESG measures as part of our organizational strategic plan solidifies our commitment to our residents, employees, communities and investors,” commented Glen Hirsh, Chief Operating Officer of Starlight.

Related information regarding Starlight’s ESG strategy and its management can be found by visiting www​.starlight​in​vest​.com/​i​m​a​g​e​s​/​s​u​s​t​a​i​n​a​b​i​l​i​t​y​/​S​t​a​r​l​i​g​h​t​_​E​S​G​_​2​0​2​0​_​R​e​p​o​r​t.pdf.

About Starlight Investments

Starlight Investments is a privately held Toronto-based, full service, multi-family and commercial real estate investment and asset management company driven by an experienced team of over 300 professionals. The company currently manages over $20.0 billion of direct real estate as well as real estate investment securities. Investment vehicles include institutional joint ventures, True North Commercial REIT, Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Funds, the Northview Canadian High Yield Fund and Starlight Capital Funds. Starlight Investment’s portfolio consists of approximately 70,000 multi- residential units across Canada and the U.S. and over 8.0 million square feet of commercial properties. Please visit us at www​.starlight​in​vest​.com and connect with us on LinkedIn at www​.linkedin​.com/​c​o​m​p​a​n​y​/​s​t​a​r​l​i​g​h​t​-​i​n​v​e​s​t​m​e​n​t​s​-ltd-

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President and Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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