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Starlight Investments Takes Positive Steps to Preserve Declining Honeybee Population

Toronto – August 14, 2019 – Starlight Investments (“Starlight”) is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with urban beekeeping company, Alvéole, to incorporate honeybee hives into Starlight owned high rise buildings in the Greater Toronto Area.

At Starlight we are always seeking new and innovative ways to contribute to the community. The beehive initiative not only positively improves our environment but also encourages our tenants and communities to take part in reducing our carbon footprint,” explained Daniel Drimmer, President and CEO of Starlight.

Working with Alvéole, three Starlight multi-residential, high rise properties in the Greater Toronto Area have recently installed colonies of Italian Honeybees on their rooftops. Alvéole has extensive experience in implementing bee colonies into commercial and residential properties with the goal of preserving honeybees and the honey they create. Alvéole installed the beehives and actively manages the hives with regular visits. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of tenants in each of the buildings, Alveole takes a step further and organizes tenant events to meet the bees and learn about the program. They also provide colony reports which are shared with tenants. All tenants living in Starlight buildings with bee colonies will benefit from honey from their own hive free of charge and have access to honeybee workshops to better understand the relationship between our environment and honeybees.

Recently, there has been significant knowledge shared about the steep decline of honeybee populations in North America and the factors leading to the loss of natural habitats. The new addition of bee colonies at Starlight properties will not only benefit tenants but also the surrounding neighborhoods. The bees travel up to five kilometers from the surrounding hive pollinating flowers, trees and vegetation.

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